Since founding out I'm pregnant I've made sure my skin care routine is completely free from toxins. I had no idea my drugstore deodorant was linked to cancer, dimentia and blocked my lymphnode system. I'm so happy with The Stockholm Syndromes Deodorant, it truly works and it smells divine.

Sophie Larsson

I haven't been a fan of natural deodorants in the past since I've felt they've never blocked odour properly. The Stockholm Syndromes Deodorant feels light, smells divine and blocks odour throughout the whole day - even after a heavy workout!

Micheal Stromsund

You've. Got. To. Try. Their. Body. Scrub. I've suffered from bad scarring on my shoulder from an accident and after using The Stockholm Syndromes Body Scrub 3 times a week for two months I've seen a massive fade to my scar! And it leaves the rest of my skin glowing and feeling lush!

Zahra El-Daoub